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Detroit is the talk of the country, everyone wants to be here, but not everyone realistically knows what to expect or how to handle an acquisition  We are unique, diverse market, unlike anywhere else in the country.  As someone who grew up in the City spending weekends as a teenager on the riverfront, and who now spends weekends at shows and restaurants, I know the market.

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Let us go to work for you. Start by searching our list of available commercial properties under the properties tab above.  You can also e mail me, Scott Sitner, at for an updated list and more information or to be put on a exclusive qualified list to be sent new proposals and properties.  We also welcome the chance to evaluate projects you need a second look at regardless of where they are.

Let’s face it. Selecting the right location for your business  or investment property is possibly the most important decision you’ll make. You need more than a property that looks nice; you need a property that generates the maximum possible income for your enterprise and also takes into account the many variables you cannot always anticipate. We at Tenth Avenue Properties, LLC understand that and go beyond locating commercial real estate for you. We identify your dream,   look at all the opportunities, costs and possibilities, and find ways to make your ideas become reality. 

I work with a diverse group of professionals, including lawyers, brokers, appraisers and developers.  That way when we are evaluating a project, we use decades of experience to ensure you make the right decision.  Sometimes, emotion gets in the way, our job is to make sure we use emotion and intelligence to guide you in making the best investment decision you can.